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Energy Saving Switches

Maximise your energy savings.

The ENSA™ intelligent energy saving switch series comprises a wide range of automated, smart switches that use a variety of different sensors to control light use. This innovative combination of sensors ensures your lights will only turn on when you need them to, saving you on power costs whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Each intelligent switch features adjustable light sensing, movement sensing and on-timer delay so you may tailor light use to your exact specifications. The range includes models with 5.8GHz microwave or passive infrared (PIR) for movement sensing.

All ENSA™ Energy Saving Switches come with a 3-year warranty.

ENSA™ Three Step Energy Saving

Once installed, there are three ways the sensor controls your lighting:

  1. The daylight sensor measures ambient light levels. If light levels fall below the set limit, motion sensing is activated.
  2. Upon sensing motion via microwave or PIR detection, the ENSA switch will turn on all connected lights.
  3. Finally the on-timer delay controls how long the light stays on after detecting movement. Once this delay has expired, lights automatically turn off.

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