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8-Zone Expander for 16+ Zones Expansion

Code WGAP864EXP1664

8-Zone Expander for 16+ Zones Expansion

Code WGAP864EXP1664

Designed to expand the system from 16 zones to 64 (all onboard) by simply plugging it into the external keypad bus.

Product features:
• Each 8-Zone expander provides an extra 8 zones.
• 8 wired, end-of-line supervised zone inputs
• 2 x positive 12V programmable outputs that supply 80mA of current
• The outputs are normally open relay (max. 14Amp) contacts & can be either pulsed or latched
• Optional tamper per zone using double end-of-line resistors
• Programmable loop response time
• Dedicated box tamper input
• Excellent protection against lightning (provided by specialist "zap tracking" and transient suppressors)

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External Bus
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40 mm
130 mm
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