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New Opportunities for Auto Electricians

Published 2017-11-06

Vehicle theft in Australia

With modern vehicles more reliable than ever, traditional auto electrical repair workshops have needed to adapt and look for other business opportunities. Many have needed to include RV & off-road products into their offering, or have expanded into mechanical repairs, servicing and automotive air conditioning maintenance.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for auto electrical businesses. An opportunity which could be bigger than anything the industry has seen for many years.

Car theft has seen a resurgence and it is gaining momentum. The latest statistics are that over 57,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia in the 12 months from March 2016-17

National Motor Theft Reduction Council

Opportunities for Auto Electricians

The vehicle security market is seeing a resurgence with high quality, professional vehicle security solutions built for individuals and small to large businesses. It has never been a better time to expand into mobile video surveillance and take advantage of the high value installs on offer.

Vehicle Immobilisation

Auto-electrical businesses and technicians can play a role in deterring vehicle thefts and motor vehicles protection. By fitting keypad immobilisers, you can add another layer of authentication beyond a vehicle's keyfob.

These aftermarket immobilisers require no self-arming, turning on every time the vehicle is exited - so even if the keys are stolen, the car cannot be started unless you enter your identification number. This product also features:
  • Two point immobilisation: ignition, fuel pump, starter motor, etc.
  • Automatic arming after the vehicle has turned off.
  • Valet mode: extends disarm period to 15 minutes, made for car servicing, valet, etc. Requires code entry after 15 minutes has expired.
  • All-black wiring harness for high security.

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HD Mobile Surveillance

Another opportunity for auto-electricians, is to expand into the installation of mobile CCTV surveillance products to vehicles.

Professional mobile CCTV has a number of other advantages over dash-cams and existing vehicle camera products, including:

  • Fully integrated surveillance systems that look just like part of the vehicle.
  • Compatible with 6 ~ 36VDC powered vehicles.
  • Closed system that starts with vehicle engine-on; lockable recorder case to prevent unauthorised access to footage.
  • Up to 4 camera systems for complete coverage, eg: road front, cabin, road rear & load monitoring.
  • IP67 weather rated cameras for external use.
  • High precision GPS, 4G & WiFi modules (optional).

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Typical installation demonstration

The system map below details a typical installation with Securview 2.0MP Mobile CCTV surveillance & the Rhino IM007 keypad immobiliser. Take advantage of the opportunities in vehicle security and surveillance with RhinoCo.