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Engine Immobiliser with Keypad

Code IM007

Engine Immobiliser with Keypad

Code IM007

The IM007 is a keypad engine immobiliser that provides protection against key theft, requiring the driver the enter an additional keycode. The unit automatically arms itself whenever the vehicle is turned off, and features valet more for hassle-free lending.

Product features:
• Adds an additional vehicle security layer with a 4-digit code
• Immobilises vehicle after ignition if code is not entered correctly
• Can be armed manually, or automatically when the vehicle is turned off
• Valet mode extends arming period to 15 minutes for vehicle lending
• High security all-black wiring installation

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Manual / Automatic (15 seconds after vehicle disabled)
4 digits (Cannot be 4 of the same number)
Code Attempts
Locks for 1 minute after 3 failed attempts
Dimensions (Immobiliser)
71 x 57 x 32mm
Dimensions (Keypad)
70 x 20 x 13mm
LED Indicator
Armed / Disarmed
Valet Mode
Disables vehicle after 15 minutes
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

100 mm
150 mm
60 mm
0.03 kg