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1000VA Smart Online UPS - 900W

Code UPS-B1000-O

1000VA Smart Online UPS - 900W

Code UPS-B1000-O

The UPS-B1000-O is a smart online uninterruptible power supply with a max capacity of 1000VA / 900W. This UPS will protect your connected electronics from overloads, overcharges and ESD, while also providing a short-term battery backup for your security system in the event of a power outage.

The UPS-B1000-O features an LCD screen which displays the status and settings of the UPS, as well as network functionality via USB/RS-232 port and packaged software. It can provide backup for three Australian 3 Pin Plugs.

This is an online UPS, giving it several advantages to line interactive UPS:
• Double AC-to-DC conversion isolates equipment from AC line issues, such as blackouts, surges, etc.
• Continuous sine wave output, providing superior compatibility and stability for sensitive equipment.
• Immediate transfer time between line power and battery power during outages.

Product features:
• Wide input and output voltage range
• ECO mode for energy efficiency
• Protect up to 3 separate 3-pin plug devices
• Prevent hardware damage from sudden power spikes
• Overload, overcharge and ESD protection
• Alarm alerts for battery mode, faults and low power
• 0s transfer time from line power to battery backup power
• Comprehensive LCD display shows load level, battery level, current mode and fault indicators
• Remote monitoring via network application

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AC Voltage Regulation
Battery Type
2 x 12V/9Ah
1000VA / 900W
Charging Voltage
27.4V ±1%
282 x 145 x 220mm
Frequency Range
40Hz / 70Hz
Frequency Range (Battery Mode)
50Hz / 60Hz ±0.5Hz
Input Voltage
110VAC ~ 120VAC / 220VAC ~ 240VAC
Noise Level
Operating Environment
0 ~ 40°C / 90%RH
Output Sockets
3 x Australian 3-pin plugs
Output Voltage
100 / 110 / 115 / 120 / 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240VAC
Power Factor
Overload, Overcharge, ESD
Recharge Time
4 hours to 90% capacity (Average)
Status Display
LCD Screen (Load level / Battery level / AC mode / Battery mode / Bypass mode / Fault indicators)
Transfer Time
UPS Type
Voltage Range
55 ~ 145VAC / 110 ~ 300VAC
Waveform (Batt. Mode)
Simulated Sinewave
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

230 mm
325 mm
360 mm
10.36 kg