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Transponder Immobilisation System (12 Volt)

Code TPI

Transponder Immobilisation System (12 Volt)

Code TPI

- All Microprocessor Controlled
- Two Solid State Transponders (up to 4 can be utilised)
- Red Flashing LED Light
- Two Point Engine Immobilisation (30A onboard relays)
- Passive Arming (15 seconds)
- Very Low Current Consumption <16mA
- Uses TIRIS Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System
- Transponder Operation Range 10-15 cm
- Transponder Storage Temperature: -40°c - +100°c
- Transponder Protection Class: Waterproof
- Main Module Operating Tempertaure: -20°c - +85°c
- Transponder Typical Read Time: 0.1sec
- Ability to erase lost transponders / learn in new .

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