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Digital Tilt Sensor With 3 Dimensional XYZ Axis Movement Sensing Technology


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Designed to help protect your wheels / detect tow away. This device detects if your car is tilted by more than a couple of degrees. Unlike mercury switches, it does not matter if your car is parked on a slope.The sensor saves in memory the angle position of your car when your alarm is armed & monitors for any changes.

- 3 dimensional movement sensing technologies (XYZ Axis)
- Digital signal processing (DSP)
- Microprocessor to instantly & continually analyse all pitch changes
- Dimensions: 40(W) x 47(D) x 10(H) mm


Warranty (Years) 1

Shipping Weight and Dimensions includes product packaging

Width 50 mm
Height 70 mm
Depth 120 mm
Weight 0.07 kg