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2 Channel Transmitter / Receiver Set - 433.92 MHz

Code RCX

2 Channel Transmitter / Receiver Set - 433.92 MHz

Code RCX

• Simple, compact and easy to use 2 channel transmitter/receiver set
• 1 second pulsed negative outputs for channels 1 ~ 2
• Separate negative on arm/latch and 12V LED flash outputs for channel 1
• 2 x 2-button code hopping remotes, prevents scanning/code-grabbing
• Can store up to 15 remote controls in total
• Up to 200m radio frequency range (line of sight)

Ideal for electric garages, gates, vehicle central locking, vehicle boot release.
Perfect for replacing your old, large or low security remote controls.
Interface with most devices that allow for remote on/off.

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