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Net2Air Site Surveyor Kit

Code PXT690200

Net2Air Site Surveyor Kit

Code PXT690200

Net2Air site surveyor is a two part tool consisting of a mains powered base unit and battery powered card. It is used to check for signal strength around a site to assist optimum placement of Net2 nano control units and the Net2Air USB bridge or Net2Air Ethernet bridge. It is independent of other Net2 hardware and can be used to confirm the suitability of the location before the Net2 nano control units are installed.

Once the base unit is plugged in then you simply roam the building with the Net2Air site surveyor card. Press the card's button at locations intended for Net2 nano control units. The row of LED's on the card will indicate whether successful communications can be established. Green LED's indicate a suitable location, red LED"s will indicate if a location is not suitable.

Main Unit: W70 x H195 x D100mm
Card: W55 x H85 x D9mm

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