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Paxton Net2 plus with 2A PSU in metal cabinet

Code PXT682813

Paxton Net2 plus with 2A PSU in metal cabinet

Code PXT682813

Net2 is a networked access control system. A networked system gives the advantages of central control, event reporting and flexible control over users" access. Each control unit is part of a network but can run independently making its own decisions and remembering events.

The Net2 plus control unit connects to the central administration PC using an RJ45 plug into a standard TCP/IP Ethernet network. This greatly increases the flexibility of installation options on sites that have LAN/WAN networks. The Net2 plus control unit also has a RS485 connection. This means it can be connected to other Net2 plus or Net2 classic control units using a dedicated CAT5 cable.

One Net2 plus control unit can be the network interface to the LAN and also run a wired RS485 daisy chain of other Net2 plus or Net2 classic units, removing the need for an independent TCP/IP to RS485 converter.

Control units are sold as a PCB only, within a plastic housing or mounted within a 2A boxed metal/plastic mains monitored backup power supply.

- Single door networkable access control unit
- Plug into a TCP/IP network using a standard RJ45 plug
- Net2 plus can replace a TCP/IP convertor
- Net2 plus can also connect using RS485
- Net2 plus, Net2 classic and Net2 nano control units can be mixed on a site
- Diagnostic LED's
- FLASH memory allows easy upgrades
- Use Paxton Access or 3rd party readers
- W232 x H320mm

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