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Professional Grade 128 Channel Network Recorder (without PoE)

Code NVR128PRO

Professional Grade 128 Channel Network Recorder (without PoE)

Code NVR128PRO

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This NVR features H.264 compression which provide high quality video at a fraction of the hard disk space, motion detect recording, scheduling, alarm system integration and network feed access.

You can record each of the 64 channels at 720p high definition. You can adjust the recorder settings for both image quality and frame rate and when the HDD is full, the NVR will automatically record over the oldest footage. Video can be viewed from either a local machine or over the internet using a web interface or smartphone application. Backups can be made via USB flash or USB hard-drives.

• Up to 128 channel with 1080p realtime display
• H.264/MJPEG dual codec decoding
• Up to 5MP resolution
• Record 128 channels at D1 resolution (704 x 576) at 25fps, 1096kbps.
• Record 128 channels at 720P resolution (1360 x 720) at 25fps, 2096kbps.
• Record 64 channels at 1080P resolution (1920 x 1080) at 25fps, 3096kbps.
• Record 32 channels at 3MP resolution (2048 x 1536) at 18fps, 8192kbps.
• HDMI and VGA simultaneous video output
• 16 channel synchronous playback @ 720P
• No built-in PoE switch
• Support 16 SATA HDDs up to 64TB
• Multiple network monitoring via Web viewer, PSS Client software & Mobile gDMSS / iDMSS.

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