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160 Watt LED High Bay Light

Code LEDHB160W

160 Watt LED High Bay Light

Code LEDHB160W

The LEDHB160W will deliver retail, commercial and industrial sites huge energy and maintenance cost savings versus conventional lighting technologies. Operating on only 160 watts, the LED High Bay Light uses only around 30% of the energy compared to traditional HID lights for the same light output. These lights are ideal for use in warehouses, factories, large retail spaces, school halls etc

The fixture is completely free of hazardous materials including mercury and lead and boasts an annual energy saving that equates to over two metric tons of CO2 saved per fixture per year!

The solid state design makes the luminaries resistant to shock and vibration, with high reliability matched by the superior ease of installation through low weight.

Here are 10 key benefits of switching to ENSA LED High Bay Lighting:
1. Instantly slash your current lighting power bill by approx 70%! (160W LED Light vs approx. 500W traditional HID Light - 400w bulb + ballast transformer)
2. Long expected service life - 50,000 hrs+ or over 11 years with 12hr a day usage.
3. Instant start - no time waiting for lights to “warm-up”.
4. No harmful Ultra Violet (UV) light emissions.
5. Low heat production helps reduce building cooling costs.
6. Stable, clean white light output (no flickering).
7. No audible buzzing sounds.
8. LED lights are mercury & lead free and don’t require hazardous waste disposal.
9. Resistant to vibration and shock.
10. Significant weight reduction - only 3.2 kg making them easy to install to rafters with simple hooks.

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AC Power Factor
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Ra> 80
Color Temperature
4500K~ 6500K
Current Consumption
DC Power Efficiency
50Hz / 60Hz
Housing & Lampshade
Aluminum Alloy
Input Power
Input Voltage
IP Rating
Lamp lux
> 72lm/w
LEDS lumen
12780 lm
Light Source Life
50000 hr
Lighting Angle
70 degrees
Φ 500 x H442mm
Working Temperature
- 40 + 50 °C
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

560 mm
570 mm
450 mm
7.00 kg