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GSM Backup Module For Intruder Alarm Systems


GSM Backup Module For Intruder Alarm Systems


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In case your landline is sabotaged or is out of service, this GSM back-up device enables your security system to communicate with your monitoring centre via the mobile phone network. It utilises a high quality GSM modem and is capable of sending (independently to your panel) its own periodic phone test, phone line failure or low battery message to 4 different receiver station phone numbers, via Contact ID protocol using the GSM network. Both pulse and DTMF dialing are supported and as the unit draws less than 100mA, it can be easily powered directly from your alarm panels 12VDC power supply.

- Backup phone line function: In case of the failure of your PSTN Line, the system simulates a virtual PSTN line over the GSM mobile network.
- Encrypted GPRS-TCP/IP communication
- Default factory setting: If the connected PSTN landline is available, all calls will be made through the PSTN line. If the PSTN line ever fails, all calls will then be made via the GSM Network

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