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MOSKITO-K Triple Barrier Infrared Outdoor Detector


MOSKITO-K Triple Barrier Infrared Outdoor Detector


The latest revolution in outdoor detection, the Duevi MOSKITO-K offers complete curtain and perimeter detection in a single unit. With a total 6 infrared detectors, the detector offers superb coverage in right, left and front directions. The MOSKITO-K delivers 24m curtain detection (12m left and right) and an 8m perimeter detection radius at the front of the detector.

The MOSKITO-K features 3 independent alarm outputs for each direction (right, left & front), enabling tight integration into your alarm system. It has comprehensive anti-masking and anti-tamper capabilities, triggering the alarm when the detectors are obstructed with sprays or if the device housing is forced open. Each infrared sensor on the MOSKITO-K features a trimmer sensitivity adjustment and the lower lateral infrared sensors can be physically adjusted to for optimal curtain detection parameters.

This product is manufactured and assembled in Italy and includes a 2 year warranty.

- 2 x Front-facing volumetric infrared sensors with 180° beam angle, 8m total range
- 4 x Lateral infrared sensors with 10° beam angle, 24m total range, ideal for protecting doors & windows
- Anti-masking and tamper prevention built-in to the detector
- 3 independent alarm outputs on three sides for optimal alarm integration
- Designed for outdoor use: IP54 weather resistant and IK10 vandal resistant

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