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Watchguard 2020 Wireless WiFi Alarm Pack


Watchguard 2020 Wireless WiFi Alarm Pack


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The Watchguard 2020™ Wireless WiFi Alarm System comes with a sleek modern design and a user-friendly front panel that supports WiFi networks. It will notify you via the smartphone app upon detection of intrusion or abnormalities. You can interact with the system via a paired remote control or its user friendly iOS or Android smartphone app.

The Watchguard 2020™ Wireless WiFi Alarm System works with a wide range of wireless, battery-powered sensors and accessories that are easy to set up and operate, so you can scale up or down the system based on your specific residential or security needs. Up to 30 sensors and accessories can be installed.

Product features:
- Anti-intruder security system for residences, small offices and small shops
- Ready to go as soon as it is connected to your WiFi router
- Add and remove wireless accessories such as door/window contacts, smart plugs, sirens, motion/flood/gas/smoke detectors via smartphone app
- Adjust 85dB siren volume and time aswell as exit and entry delays
- Connect up to 30 wireless sensors and 10 remote controls
- When alarmed the system will send you push notifications, in real-time
- Backup battery lasting up to 5 hours
- DC12V power supply with 3.7V Lithium backup battery lasting up to 20 hours (standby)

Included components:
- Control Panel x 1
- ALC-PIR1 Pet-immune PIR Motion Detector x 1
- ALC-RSW1 Door/ Window Contact x 1
- ALC-RC1 Remote Control x 2

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Backup Battery
1 x 3.7V 600mA Li-ion backup battery (20 hrs standby)
125 x 150 x 30mm
315MHz & 433MHz – Approved for AU & NZ
Operating Environment
0 ~ 55°C / RH ≤80%
Power Consumption (Active)
Power Consumption (Standby)
Power Supply
12VDC 500mA
Supported Accessories
10 remote controls, 50 sensors
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

208 mm
98 mm
139 mm
0.75 kg