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Get up close and detailed with VIP Vision™ Long Range IP surveillance

Expand your CCTV installation options with VIP Vision™ Ultimate Series Long Range IP cameras. These powerful cameras are designed to capture Ultra HD detail at a distance, and are perfect for identifying number plates in long driveways, capturing faces at building entrances and more.


  • 8.0MP Long Range IP cams with motorised 7~35mm lens.
  • Identify faces and number plates at up to 76m (DORI at 35mm).
  • Video analytics including tripwire, intrusion, face detect & more.
  • Compatible with all VIP Vision network video recorders.
  • Industry leading 4 year warranty on all 8.0MP models.

VIP Vision™ 8.0MP Long Range Motorised Dome/Bullet (7~35mm)

Capture fine detail at a distance with 8.0MP Long Range cameras. These cameras trade off wide surveillance coverage for focused detail on a single area. Best used to cover points of interest such as building entrances where detail is crucial. Find out more about the range at the links below and watch Myles and Rebecca give a full breakdown of these new cameras.