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VIP Vision Extended PoE Network Surveillance

Published 2018-05-18

Extended PoE NVRs & Cameras from VIP Vision™

Transmit data & power up to 800m over network cable with ePoE

ePoE NVRs and IP Cameras now available from VIP Vision™

Simplify surveillance installs spanning across wide areas and expand your installation business to sites such as large warehouses, parks, outdoor car parks and off-facility remote areas.

Traditionally, cameras positioned far away from the NVR require devices such as PoE extenders to extend the transmission distances, which in themselves require additional power supplies. ePoE NVRs, cameras and switches remove this hassle by simply extending the range that power and data can be transmitted over Cat5/6 network cable, increasing system reliability and lowering installation costs.

ePoE Transmission Distances

VIP Vision™ Extended Power over Ethernet systems can transmit data and power at a distance of up to 800m - a substantial improvement to the approximately 100m range of standard network cable runs.

Maximum transmission distance is dependant on the data and power requirements of the individual camera - cameras with higher requirements such as PTZs have a maximum range of 300m (as shown in the diagram).

Use Existing Coax with ePoE

Using a VSEOCPAIRV2 Ethernet over Coax Converter Pair, you can transmit power, video and camera data over coaxial cable, running back to an ePoE NVR or switch. The VSEOCPAIRV2 supports power & data transmission over RG59 coaxial cable at a distance of up to 1000m when used in ePoE systems - even further than over UTP.

Save time and money on your installations by re-purposing existing coaxial cabling infrastructure for your long range PoE systems.

VIP Vision™ ePoE Range


Our premier ePoE NVR is the NVR16PRO7 Professional 16 Channel Network Video Recorder with ePoE (320Mbps). This NVR features:

  • 8 ePoE ports (green) and 8 standard PoE ports for 16 ports total.
  • A new smart fan which only turns on when the internal temperature gets too hot, increasing the lifespan of the fan and internal components.

ePoE IP Cameras

RhinoCo has a growing range of VIP Vision™ ePoE network cameras. To see our full list of ePoE compatible IP cameras, visit our Network Surveillance Cameras category and set the product filter to ePoE -> Yes.

  • All cameras with VSIPE in their product code are ePoE compatible.
  • Range includes fixed/motorised bullet & dome cameras up to 8.0MP.