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New Stylish Lighting Solutions From Italy

Published 2021-04-29

Stylish lighting solutions from Italy

Enhance your installations with premium lighting solutions from Fumagalli

With many styles ranging from modern to ornate, our comprehensive range of Fumagalli lights, poles and brackets are your high-end solution for outdoor lighting jobs.

With a wide range of stylish light fittings for residential, commercial and public applications, Fumagalli lights are built to suit any building.

Built to last

Fumagalli have designed and developed poles that are specifically made to withstand even the harshest climates. With an outer layer of resin, Fumagalli's poles provide the same strength features of a metal pole, but with added rust and corrosion resistance that only resin material can offer, making your installations last for years to come.

  • No Maintenance - no painting will ever be necessary as the colour is in the paste of the material.
  • Anti Corrosion - will not deteriorate even if exposed to pollution or saline.
  • UV-Ray Stabilized - protected against the sun's UV rays and ideal in either hot or cold climates.

Complete range of light fittings

The Pilar & Midipilar bracket ranges are specially designed for Fumagalli lights, and can mount lights either upright or upside down.

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