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Securview DIN Rail Power Supplies and Accessories

Published 2017-07-03

Deliver professional power to your installations with Securview

Professional security systems don't mean anything without a reliable power system to protect and support them. RhinoCo offers a wide range of power equipment and accessories, including everything you need to keep your security installations up and running in any situation.

Find out below how you can make your surveillance installations more professional with the right power supplies and accessories. With the Securview range of power equipment, you can:

  • Install specialised surveillance power supplies to power each camera, recorder and accessory individually.
  • Provide protection and backup power to installations with uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Create neatly mounted installations with DIN rail equipment.

DIN Rail Equipment

What are DIN rails?

DIN rails are sturdy metal rails that are designed to mount standardised electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, power supplies, relays and more.

DIN rails make electrical installation jobs much simpler, as any compliant equipment can be quickly and securely snapped on to the rail. This ensures that all parts of the installation are neatly mounted in line with each other, allowing the installer to focus solely on the connectivity of the electronics rather than how they're mounted.

There are three main types of DIN rail: Top hat section (type O), C section and G section. Different equipment have different DIN rail compatibility, so take this into consideration when purchasing DIN rails or equipment. The products listed below are only compatible with top hat DIN rails (TS35 7.5mm/15mm).

Top Hat (O Section)

The top hat rail, named after its hat-shaped cross section, is 35mm wide and is mainly used in mounting circuit breakers. This is the most widely used DIN rail type. It is available in both 7.5mm and 15mm deep versions.

Other names for this DIN rail type include Type O, Type Omega (Ω), EN 50022 and TS35.

C Section

The C section rail, named afters its C-shaped cross section, is a curved, symmetrical rail. It is available in 4 types (C20, C30, C40 and C50), which each have different heights. These rails are also available in both slotted and unslotted styles.

This rail is also named the TS32.

G Section

The G section rail, named afters its G-shaped cross section, is a curved rail with one end that sticks out further than the other. It is less commonly used than other types of DIN rails.

Other names for this DIN rail include EN 50035, BS 5825 and DIN 46277-1.

DIN Rail Power Supplies

The heart of any DIN rail installation

The PSDR series consists of 12VDC and 24VDC industrial DIN rail mount switching power supplies. These adjustable voltage power supplies feature protection against short circuits, overloads, overvoltage and overheating.

  • Integrate to protect IT and security systems in home, office and retail environments
  • Fully isolated case reduces risk of shock
  • No load power consumption (<1W)

DIN Rail 8 Port PoE Switch

Add networking to your DIN rail

The VSPOE-SW8 is an 8-port Ethernet switch featuring 8 10/100Mbps PoE+ ports. It provides high-speed data forwarding and is best used in networking/wireless systems, surveillance, IP and telephony.

  • Power over Ethernet to meet the power needs of most cameras and wireless network equipment
  • Port rate control, VLAN settings, PoE output setup and more
  • IEEE802.3af and IEE802.3at standards compliant

Standalone Power Supplies/UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Reliable backup power for security installations

Deliver reliability and prevent surveillance footage loss by adding a UPS to every CCTV install. The new UPS-A Line Interactive and UPS-B Smart Online UPSs let you offer extra value and peace of mind to your customers.

  • Provide backup power and protection for up to 4 3-pin plug devices
  • Prevents hardware damage from overloads, overcharges and ESD
  • Alarm alerts to notify the user of faults, low power or battery mode engaged

Surveillance Power Supplies

Secure, specialised CCTV power

These power supplies are designed specifically for use with CCTV equipment, being able to provide individual power sources for recorders, cameras and accessories in security systems.

  • Built-in protection against short circuits, overloads and overcharge
  • Sturdy, secure metal casing for protection against damage and intrusion
  • Optional backup battery to temporarily continue providing power (PS12VDC10A18CHB only)