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Seagate Security Partner 2021

Published 2021-12-20

Seagate Security Partner 2021

We are excited to announce that RhinoCo has been awarded the Seagate Security Partner Award 2021!

Using surveillance-grade hard drives in all of our CCTV systems is one of the ways we support your business, alongside our wide range of products, installer tools, warranties, and tech support.

We only offer surveillance-grade hard drives with our product range so you can deliver a professional CCTV installation. With Seagate Skyhawk HDDs, we can support you by:

  • Giving you the best product - Surveillance HDDs are specially designed for CCTV set-up. Many people can mistakenly use PC drives and miss out on the numerous surveillance grade HDD benefits such as:
    • High-Write Workloads - supports 24/7 surveillance-optimised workloads where 90% of the time it's for recording and the other 10% is for reviewing and playback.
    • Reliability - Surveillance-grade HDDs are built to record data 24/7 from multiple camera streams or channels.
    • AI HDD function- AI Surveillance HDDs provide unprecedented bandwidth and processing power to manage always-on, data-intensive workloads, simultaneously analysing and recording footage from multiple HD cameras with ImagePerfect AI firmware.
  • Helping you achieve high level of professionalism and great results from your installs.
  • Protecting the values of your installs by the surveillance grade HDD's storage that focus on prevention, intervention, and recovery options.
Get access to our hard drive calculator tool through the Customer Portal or give us a call about your surveillance storage needs.

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See our range of CCTV Kits & win more projects! Add up to 18TB of storage per drive by using Seagate Skyhawk HDDs.

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Compact Series 4 Camera 6.0MP IP Surveillance Kit (Fixed, 1TB)

NVRKIT-C461F includes: 1 x Compact 4 channel PoE NVR, 1 x pre-installed 1TB HDD & 4 x Pro 6.0MP Fixed Turret Domes

Pro Series 8 Camera 4.0MP IP Surveillance Kit (Fixed, 2TB)

VIP Vision™ Professional Series CCTV kits offer broadcast-quality image performance with built-in PoE for fast installations.

Mix & match any equivalent priced dome or bullet camera to suit your installation needs.

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