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Longevity WiFi Bridge Solutions

Published 2020-02-21

Long distance network setups, simplified

Create WiFi bridges with ease with the Longevity Plug-and-Play Wireless Access Point

Your network installation life just got much easier with the Longevity Wireless Access Point Bridge. Used for simplified WiFi bridging, multiple devices can be easily connected and configured via DIP switches to form WiFi bridges - no PC required.

Install anywhere with a pole and surface mounting bracket included. This WAP, with its simple nature and unmatched convenience, will be your go-to solution for extended network setups.

How it Works

Setting up long-range WiFi bridges has never been easier. Setup is done in three simple steps:

  1. Configure the unit's DIP switches to set up and create wireless bridges between two or more units.
  2. Mount the units. Ensure the units are mounted with a clear line of sight between each other, high up and with no obstacles in the way.
  3. Power up the units with 48V Hi-PoE (via Hi-PoE injector or switch with Hi-PoE port).

This basic setup process will make your installations much smoother, helping you to deliver more satisfying results. No PC required for configuration, no need to dig a ditch to run network cable - just configure, mount and power.

Where to Install

The Longevity Wireless Access Point Bridge is built for rapid outdoors deployment, with weather resistance and multiple mounting options. They can also be used for many different purposes, some of which include:

  • CCTV camera installations- easily connect distant cameras to network video recorders without running a long network cable
  • Bridging WiFi networks - Connect multi-building businesses, schools and universities to a single network with ease
  • Extending internet connectionsto remote locations, such as farms, sheds and other distant buildings

Find out more about the Longevity Wireless Access Point

LONGEVITYCOM007 - Plug-and-Play Wireless Access Point Bridge

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