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Display CCTV In Native 4K Resolution

Published 2021-05-18

Display CCTV in native 4K

Transmit 4K Ultra HD video signals over long distances without signal loss or distortion

Make your CCTV installations much cleaner and simpler with the Type D to Type A, Optical Fibre HDMI Cable from Flashview. Our range features a detachable connector which allows you to interchange between Type D and Type A HDMI, making cabling much easier and convenient.

  • Convenient Installation- Detachable connector so you can easily run HDMI through walls
  • 4K Ultra HD Support - Run 8MP over long distances, supports 4K at 60hz
  • Full Range - Many models and lengths to fit your installation size (available in 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m)

Make your CCTV installations much easier

Click here and watch our video demonstration

Learn more about Flashview's optical fibre HDMI cables

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