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Impressive CCTV Installations with 4K Monitors

Published 2020-02-19

Impressive CCTV Installations with 4K Monitors

The 28" Flashview 4K LCD Surveillance Monitor is the perfect fit for any CCTV installation.

Flashview LED LCD monitors are perfect for 24/7 continuous surveillance displays, showing off cameras in up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. This 28 inch monitor displays 4K (8.0MP) cameras in their native resolution, giving your customers crystal clear vision of their new surveillance system. If you're installing a surveillance system with a resolution greater than Full HD 1080p (2.0MP), then you aren't taking full advantage of it without a 4K monitor.

Featuring incredible digital processing, the monitor delivers a vivid visual experience with a fast response time and no blurring. It uses IPS panel technology for rich colours and strong contrast.

The Flashview Series will gain you more business in surveillance installations and will leave your customers satisfied. Amaze with the high quality resolution and crystal clear image that these monitors will display.

Full Video Compatibility

The monitor features built-in stereo speakers, so no external speakers are required, and wide compatibility with HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, DVI and Composite video inputs. This makes it not only the best quality choice for your next installation, but also a very convenient one for your customer.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty for all Flashview monitors, making them the only monitors on the Australian market with that level of customer care.

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LCDFL28 - 28" 4K Monitor

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