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RhinoCo Brackets & Accessory Compatibility Guide

Published 2017-10-27

RhinoCo has the right accessory for any professional CCTV installation

Deliver professional CCTV installations across any application with our latest range of surveillance camera brackets and accessories. Explore RhinoCo's wide range of brackets & adapters, including:

  • Right Angle Wall Mounts, for domes and PTZ installations on any wall.
  • Pole Mounts, for bullet, dome and PTZ installations on any pole.
  • Corner Mounts, for bullet & dome installations on building corners.
  • Ceiling Mounts, including extensible drop-down mounts.
  • Recessed Ceiling Mounts, for compact dome installations.
  • Rain Covers, for shielding outdoors dome cameras from rain water.
  • Parapet Mounts, for PTZ installations from rooftops.
  • Junction Boxes and Adapters, for camera/bracket compatibility.

RhinoCo's new Accessory Compatibility guide is now available for download. Quickly and easily reference our entire camera range and find the right junction box, bracket or accessory to best suit your installation.

Download your complete Accessory Compatibility Guide (PDF)