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4 Channel RF Receiver - 433.92MHz


4 Channel RF Receiver - 433.92MHz


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The RXENF4 is a 4 Channel RF Receiver with 4 independently programmable output modes. When used with the TXENF4 4-Button Wireless Transmitter, this receiver can be used to control a variety of home automation devices, such as garage door openers, lights, motorised gates, lifts, or other devices, by remote control. The in-built 'Mode Switch' buttons allows for easy programming/re-programming of the channels. The receiver has 4 LEDs, one per channel, which indicate RF reception, learn mode, transmitter cleared and output type.

- Antenna transmission range of 150m (Can be extended to up to 350m with the use of the RXENF4ANT Dipole Antenna)
- RXENF4ANT External Antenna plugs directly into receiver PC Board.
- Mode switch for easy transmitter learning.
- Each receiver channel can learn the codes of 15 different transmitter buttons on a first-in, first-out basis.
- Codes are stored safely in EEPROM for up to one year in case of power loss.
- Four Form-C Dry Relay Contact (N.O./N.C./Common) Outputs. Each output rated 10 Amps at 24 VDC.
- 4 Separate Channels / 4 Output Modes Each:
a. Timed Momentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec.)
b. Toggle (On/Off)
c. Latch (Output stays on until manually reset)
d. Continuous or Validity (Output for as long as signal is received)
*All outputs are independently controlled. (i.e. Channel 1 can be toggle, Channel 2 can be one second momentary, etc.)
*Note: If the timed momentary output is chosen for any channel, there will be only one time available for all channels. In other words, if a one-second output time is selected for one channel, then all other timed momentary outputs will be one second.

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Screw Terminals, +, -, with N.O, N.C and COM per channel
135 x 100 x 27.5mm
Memory Capacity
15 Transmitter Button Codes per channel, 60 per receiver
Operating Current
8mA @ 12VDC (Standby), 30mA/channel @ 12VDC (Activated)
Operating Distance
150M (Open Air, LoS)
Operating Frequency
Receiver Output Modes
Timed momentary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30, 60 sec.), Toggle (ON/OFF), Latched, Continuous
Warranty (Years)

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Includes product packaging

200 mm
60 mm
300 mm
1.00 kg