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RSA Remote Star Car Alarm with Pager and Siren

Code RSA

RSA Remote Star Car Alarm with Pager and Siren

Code RSA

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This advanced car alarm with inbuilt remote engine start has been designed for use in countries with extremely cold or hot climates.The owner is able to start their vehicle via the radio remote control as well as program it to automatically start and run for a specified period, once a set temperature has been reached. The alarm also incorporates a turbo timer to allow the engine to keep running for a pre-set period after the ignition is switched off and a wireless remote paging function to alert the owner if the alarm has been activated and why.

Alarm Features
- Code Hopping Remote Technology
- Engine Immobilisation (1 point)
- 2 Stage Car Body Impact Sensor
- Doors, Boot and Bonnet Protection
- Remote Engine Start
- Inbuilt Turbo Timer
- Temperature Controlled Auto-start
- Daily Auto-start (1,2,4,12hrs programmable)
- Remote Temperature / Status Check
- Electric Boot Release Output
- Remote Siren Mute Function
- Intelligent Anti-hijack Mode

LCD Remote Features
- Indicates Alarm Status, Activation and Cause
- Enables 2-way communication upto 1Km
- Built-in paging function with buzzer
- Remote controls central locking and boot release

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