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Paxton Net2 professional software

Code PXT930010

Paxton Net2 professional software

Code PXT930010

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Net2 software is designed to run on PC with a Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system. It is designed to feel immediately familiar to any Windows user. It will organise and report on up to 10,000 users and hundreds of doors. There are two versions of the software. Net2 standard software which is free and Net2 professional software.

Net2 standard software contains all of the basic access control features to control access privileges and report on users. Other features include multiple workstations, Time and Attendance monitoring, IP camera integration, site graphics and remote sites using TCP/IP or modems.

Net2 professional software contains all of the features of Net2 standard software with the addition of fire alarm integration, roll call/muster reporting and anti-passback.

- Intuitive Windows based software
- Client/Server structure allowing multiple clients
- Card Designer included
- Integration with Milestone XP, Dedicated Micros NetVu and Pelcos Digital Sentry DVRs
- Timesheet time and attendance software
- Roll call and muster (Professional)
- Anti-passback (Professional)
Fire alarm integration (Professional)

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