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Daylight Harvesting Light Sensor Motion Sensor


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The ENSA-LC2 can be augmented by an ENSA-MS7 microwave motion sensor to include motion detection control and standby dimming, alongside daylight harvesting control. If the ENSA-LC2 detects sufficient ambient light levels, controlled lights remain off, regardless of motion detected by the ENSA-MS7. When ambient light levels fall below the set target, the ENSA-MS7 switches the light on upon detecting movement. If ambient light levels are below the set target, after the last detected motion the ENSA-MS7 will switch off after a standby period. The standby delay period and standby brightness levels are configurable on the ENSA-MS7.

Add three step energy saving to any light with sensor switches:
1) Daylight sensor: Activates motion sensor when lux levels fall below limit
2) Motion sensor: Detects movement, turns light on only when necessary
3) On-timer: Light-on duration is set only as long as is required

Product features:
• Automatically activate and deactivate lighting for energy efficiency
• Adjustable sensors: Daylight (2~100lx) / Motion (Ø4~16m) / On-timer (5s~20min)
• 360° circle / Ø16m (15m height) microwave detection
• Wall mount angle adjustable, for indoor use only

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Daylight SensorYes
Motion Sensor TypeMicrowave
Input Voltage220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz
Power Consumption (Sensing Mode)0.5W
Max. Rated Load (Resistive/Inductive)1200W / 800W
Daylight Sensing2lx / 5lx / 10lx / 25lx / 50lx / 100lx / Disabled
Motion Detection Area360° circle (Ø16m, 15m height)
Motion Detection Adjustment100% / 75% / 50% / 10%
Recommended Installation Height2.5 ~ 15m (Ceiling) / 1-1.8m (Wall)
Motion Detection Speed0.5 ~ 3.0m/s
On-timer Delay10s / 30s / 90s / 3min / 20min / 30min
Stand-by Period0s / 5s / 5min / 10min / 30min / 1hr / Infinite
Stand-by Dimming50% / 30% / 20% / 10%
Ingress ProtectionIP20
Operating Environment-35 ~ 70°C
Mounting TypeWall/Ceiling
Dimensions94 x 45 x 29mm
Warranty (Years) 3

Shipping Weight and Dimensions includes product packaging

Width 30 mm
Height 45 mm
Depth 95 mm
Weight 0.11 kg