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8 Channel 720p HDCVI Complete Surveillance Kit


8 Channel 720p HDCVI Complete Surveillance Kit


The CVR8PACK2 is an 8 channel surveillance system capable of 720p HD recording over coax cable at 25fps. It features a slim 1U DVR with HDMI and VGA outputs as well as a preinstalled 2TB surveillance hard drive. This DVR also has comprehensive remote view (iOS, Android & Windows Phone) and backup functionality (USB/network).

The CVR8PACK2 is an ideal analogue to HD-video-overcoax upgrade package that enables you rapidly boost the image resolution of an existing analogue installation to high definition.

Victory Series products utilise the HDCVI video transmission standard, delivering video, audio and data across a single coaxial cable (RG59 / RG6 75-3 preferred). This also allows for up to 500m transmission distances for 720p HD video streams using standard coaxial cable (300m for 1080p video).

The CVR8PACK2 includes 8 weatherproof, 3.6mm fixed lens (70°), 20m infrared range, 1.3 megapixel cameras that are ideal for use in a multitude of applications. They can record at maximum resolution of 720p (1280 x 720), more than double the resolution when compared to traditional D1 analogue systems (720 x 576) and up to 9x greater versus CIF (352 x 288).

This kit does not include coaxial cable, splitters or camera power supplies. For new installs, one Victory Series accessory kit is required per 4 cameras (CVR4ACCPACK).

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