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The Rhino Rundown - 15/09/17 2017-09-15

Welcome to our weekly blog, the Rhino Rundown! Here, we'll be keeping you up-to-date with all the new products, releases and events from RhinoCo.

New: Two-Point Keypad Immobiliser

Protect vehicles from key theft with an immobiliser. The IM007 is a keypad immobiliser which automatically arms when the vehicle is turned off, requiring a 4-digit PIN for the vehicle to start.

  • Extra Vehicle Security - Prevents key thefts, which make up 70% of vehicle thefts.
  • Automatic Arming - Automatically arms itself after 30 seconds, no user input required.
  • Valet Mode - Temporarily prevents auto-arming, allowing for other to borrow the vehicle.

IM007 - Two-Point Keypad Immobiliser

New: 4 Channel HDCVI Mobile Video Recorder (GPS, 4G, WiFi)

The latest mobile DVR from Securview. The MCVR-GPS4GW features 4 channel Full HD recording, GPS vehicle tracking and 4G/WiFi network functionalty.

  • Full HD Recording - Record up to 4 channels (2 at 2.0MP, 2 at 1.0MP)
  • GPS Tracking - Tracks vehicle coordinates and speed
  • 4G Network - Live remote view via computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Wifi Network - Automatic footage backup when the vehicle returns to base
  • Robust Housing - Vibration-dampening and lockable case prevents footage from damage

MCVR-GPS4GW - 4 Channel Mobile HDCVI Recorder with GPS, 4G and WiFi

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