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The Rhino Rundown - 1/09/17 2017-09-01

Welcome to our weekly blog, the Rhino Rundown! Here, we'll be keeping you up-to-date with all the new products, releases and events from RhinoCo.

Villawood Clearance Sale - Ending Saturday, Sep 2nd

Tomorrow, is the last day of our huge clearance sale at Villawood. Over the week, we've sold hundreds of cameras, recorders, LED lights and more, at prices you'll have to see to believe. Stop on by tomorrow for the final day of the sale - even if you've already paid us a visit, we've been adding new products to the sale all week!
This special is exclusive to RhinoCo trade customers.

Find our Villawood branch on Google Maps

NVR4COM2 - The New Compact NVR

The NVR4COM2 is now in stock, replacing the NVR4COM. Let's go over some of the ways this new model improves over the original:

  • Recording Resolution - The NVR4COM2 can record up to Ultra HD 8.0MP (from 5.0MP)
  • Bit Rate - The NVR4COM2 has a maximum bit rate of 20Mbps (from 8Mbps)
  • Internal HDD - The NVR4COM2 features 1 SATA III port, allowing it to hold HDDs up to 10TB (from 4TB)

NVR4COM2 - Compact 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

The Winter Special Continues

Winter may be over, but the Winter Specials aren't. These exclusive trade-only specials will continue for the next month, ending on Sep 30th 2017.

Contact us for your copy of the 2017 Winter Specials

New VIP Vision Tutorial - Troubleshooting IP Camera Connections

In our latest VIP Vision tutorial, Jeff shows how to determine the cause of an IP camera connection issue and focuses on testing the Ethernet cable for faults.

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