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Quick Guide to Security Licensing 2017-05-25


Quick Guide to Security Licensing

Unlike the DIY / Retail CCTV market where sales are made over the counter or online, there are greater opportunities for generating profit by entering the professional installation market and targeting businesses directly. To enter this market, however, there are differing legal requirements for each state in regard to licensing and costs involved.

If your only intention is to sell products over the counter or online and not to provide installation services or specific advice relating to a client's own site, then you do not need a licence. It is fine to sell a security product on its merits and technical abilities. However, should you start advising someone specifically where to install products on a site plan, visit their premises, or carry out an installation, then you will need the appropriate sales and/or installation licences for your state.

These requirements exist to safeguard the public. For example, if you are well versed in security systems and customer security needs, that knowledge could be used for criminal gain. This includes knowledge of components, system capabilities & limitations, access codes or passwords, location of valuable items and how they are protected, etc.

Security Licence Requirements by State

Click on the images to find your local requirements for acquiring a security licence. Information presented in general in nature. When considering applying for a security licence, RhinoCo recommends you seek advice from the authoritative sources mentioned in the below links.

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In Australia in 2015, the Professional Electronic Security Industry has an estimated annual revenue of $5.2+ Billion Dollars (IBISWorld). Despite declining crime rates, demand for security systems for businesses remains strong. Companies and institutions need to protect property, assets, equipment and staff from theft, vandalism and violence to maintain insurance policies and minimise losses.

New advances in technology, such as smartphone remote viewing apps and high definition CCTV over existing analogue coax cable is providing a sales surge to the industry through upgrades of old systems. Hence, it has never been a better time to diversify into the CCTV & security industry. Being partnered with RhinoCo Technology has many benefits, including access to the technical support and marketing materials you need to diversify into the CCTV industry. Our wide range of professional and easy to use surveillance products, and the training in the single interface used across our entire range of CCTV surveillance will ensure your move into the industry will be a success.

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