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RoHS and Material Declaration Certificate
Model: HD10TBSA
Description: 10TB SkyHawk AI Surveillance Hard Disk Drive
RoHS Compliance:
  • Lead free integrated circuits supplied by RhinoCo comply with the EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE Directive 2002/960/EC.
  • Lead free integrated circuits do not contain lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) or Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and are therfore considered RoHS compliant.
  • Lead free solder finishes used by Rhinoco consist of 100% matte tin.
  • Some products (e.g. wafer level and flip chip packages) are assembled with High Lead solders (> 85% lead) and some assembled with quartz crystals (piezoelectic devices) containing lead, but qualify for a RoHS exemption under Article 4, section 7 of the EU Directive 2002/95/EC.
Substances of Concern:
  • RhinoCo products do not contain chlorinated organic compounds, Brominated organic compounds (e.g. PBBs or PBDEs), organic tin compounds, asbestos, AZO compounds, formaldehvde, ozone depletors, Residual monomers, benzene or poly vinyl cholride (except shipping tubes).

Substances used to manufacture RhinoCo lead free products:

Component Substance CAS#
Lead frame Copper (Cu) 7440-50-8
Lead frame Iron (Fe) 7439-89-6
Lead frame Zinc (Zn) 7440-66-6
Lead frame Magnesium (Mg) 7439-95-4
Lead frame Nickel (Ni) 7400-02-0
Lead frame Chromium (Cr) 7440-47-3
Molding Compound Antimony (Sb2O3) 1309-64-4
Molding Compound Bromine (Br) 10097-32-2
Molding Compound Silica (SiO2) 14808-60-7
Die Attach Epoxy Silver Filler (Ag) 7440-22-4
Surface Finish Tin (Sn) 7440-31-5
Silicon Chip Silicon 7440-21-3
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