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Remote Controls

GLTXSingle oval blue button, rounded square shapeFixed codeLS, GA TX12V23A
GLRLTXSingle oval blue button, rounded square shapeRolling codeSpecial use onlyTX12V23A
GTTXTwo blue buttons, yellow LED, tear drop shapeRolling codeWatchguard Security Systems, RCX, RES, WGUARDSMS, WGUARDMARINE2 x CR1616
GTSTXTwo blue buttons, red LED, tear drop shape Rolling codeGTS2 x CR1616
GTRTXTwo blue buttons, green LED, tear drop shapeFixed codeGTR2 x CR1616
RCTX4-UFour multi-coloured buttons, red LEDRolling codeRXPROR4, RCX, RES, JAG, RAM, WGSMS20102 x CR1616
RCTX3-TFour black buttons, including blue torchRolling codeRCX, RES4601V2, WGSMS2010, JAGV2, RAV3, RAMV2CR2025
RAV3TXFour black buttons, centre LED, round shapeRolling codeRAV3, JAGV3, RCX, RES, RES4601V2, WGSMS2010CR2025
PTXFour white buttons, rectangular shapeFixed codeDuplicates fixed code remotesTX12V23A

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